Tai NguyenChief Information Officer

Tai Nguyen earned his MBA with a concentration in Project Management. His undergrad is in Computer Science and he is certified in Black Belt Lean Six Sigma. He also has over 20 years’ experience applying technologies to garner competitive advantages for organizations. Tai Nguyen advocates for continuous improvement in the ways of working with people, processes, and adoption of technologies. In his capacity as Chief Information Officer (CIO), he has implemented changes in leveraging technologies to expedite behavioral health services, where it not only benefited staff but also clients of the agency. Such implementations include mobile workforce readiness, electronic health record system, telehealth, and cloud-based computing. These deployments increased staff productivity and speed of services while decreasing costs to the organization. Tai Nguyen is also a CIO with many hats in operational activities,including Customer Care, Medical Billing and Medical Records. He leads a team of professionals who is focused upon customer satisfaction and progressive improvements that contribute positively to the organizations’ bottom line. This includes cost reductions, increasing revenues or productivity efficiencies. For example, in collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer, Tai Nguyen developed the Private Practice and Medical Billing Team to increase revenues and expansion of mental health services to clients. He continues to advance the organization strategically for long-term growth and agility to capitalize on opportunities.