Conner Campus Center

The Conner Campus Center (CCC) is a high-tech, internet connected facility located on the Conner campus that can support any training, presentation and point-to-point telecommunication presented at multiple sites locally or across the nation. The AV equipment capability makes The Conner Campus Center a state-of-the-art conference and meeting center. CCC provides an efficient rental experience for the Detroit community.

The Conner Campus Center combined rooms A, B and C seats 100 people, with three projection screens. It has a central podium and front panel table in each wing. The room is set up for both audio and video live teleconferencing. State-or-the-art audio-visual equipment allows for presenter control of PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office presentations, as well as for central Control Room management of AV equipment.

Each table has access to power outlets to accommodate laptop computers. The central podium (Room B) and each panel table in the front of Rooms A and C are wired for microphones and computer hook up to the Control Room and projector. Connection to a smart-board that will allow for projection of live handwritten notes or drawing illustrations is also available in Room B.

Control Room management of AV equipment provides the capacity to control the camera which can project on the screen live pictures of the audience or specific areas of the room; support audio and video teleconferencing with other sites; and support presentation of live off-site speakers.

CCC Rooms A/B
The combined room seats 70 people and has all of the capability described for the combined A/B/C above, including two cameras, two screens, a podium and panel table.

CCC Room C
CCC Room C seats 30 with a panel table at the front with a computer. It has the same AV equipment as A/B except for the Smart Board and has all of the capacities described for combined A/B/C.

CCC Lobby
The lobby is a large rectangular space adjacent to the entrance and security desk, entrances to Rooms A, B and C, men’s and women’s restrooms and a small kitchen. The space accommodates large conference registration, beverage table, literature display and catered buffet. Catering is the responsibility of the outside organization.

CCC Kitchen
The warming kitchen is available to caterers of an event. It includes a refrigerator, microwave oven and sink with garbage disposal. The kitchen is not available for general use by participants or contractors.


Reserve A Room

For more information about pricing and reservations, please contact the CCC Coordinator at or call 313-308-1400 during business hours Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Other hours by appointment.

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